Workshop with Peon Boyle

2018 workshop

Collagraph Surgery 29th Jan, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Feb 10am -3pm £30 per session

This weekly drop in session for you to explore an existing project or starting a new one with Collagraph Printing method. It spread out 5 weeks to allow time to explore making a plate with different materials and variety inking methods. The session is less construct rather the attendant who lead to create their own work with support. The aim is to extend the continuous exploration with your work.

We can look deeper into how different materials create marks, how to combine relief inking with collagraph printing or explore colours. Beginner welcome.
Booking is required but you don’t have to commit to all 5 session. (Paper is not included)

Mono print with Gelli Plate 1st Feb 10am-3pm £30
This workshop will explore this direct fast printing process with Gelli Plate and acrylic paint. We will use multi layers, additive and reductive technique to create range of marks. Explore the different materials create layers and colours, it is fun, quick, spontaneous and very enjoyable. Beginner Welcome and is suitable for youth.

Drypoint 8th Feb 10-3pm £30
This workshop we are using drypoint etching which we scratch onto a piece of plastic or card to make prints with the press. We will explore black and colour ink to create your own work.

Chinese ink and wash painting 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th Feb, 7th & 14th March
10-1pm £18 per session
This workshop we explore Chinese traditional ink wash painting with Chinese brushes. We look into how brush making mark and the way the use Chinese ink create tone. We will have weekly practice on Chinese Calligraphy paper, and later on we can explore colours and create our own work. 
Choice of booking for block of 3 for £54 or block of 6 for £90

Drawing with Nature 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th Feb, 6th &13th March
12-2pm £18 per session
Do you always wanted to draw? This course will help you find inspiration, improve your drawing skills and boost your confidence. we /will explore a range of drawing materials, pencils, charcoal, graphite and ink. WE will studying a stimulating variety of Natural matters and explore with patterns that nature created. We will practise both traditional and experimental drawing techniques. And later you may want to transform your drawing into prints by using various printmaking methods.
The weekly workshop is suitable for beginner or those has experience on drawing.   
Choice of booking for block of 3 for £54 or block of 6 for £90

Printing with Nature/ Collagraph Print