Pushing the Boundaries with Paul Wye

The success of Paul Wye's course Pushing the Boundaries in Printmaking course, which ran before at Partridge Green throughout the year, has resulted in a strong group of printmakers who would like to continue working together. Meeting regularly at the studio they will continue to develop exciting ideas and work with an aim to hold group exhibitions in the future.

After the relocation in Worthing Paul is coming to host another serious of courses

Monoprint – 2 day 20th and 21st January 2018 £156

This two day course will explore one of the most direct print making processes to produce your own series of expressive and painterly prints. Using additive and reductive monoprint techniques you will be able to advance through this hands on process to create rich and layered prints. We will also explore monoprint techniques pulling prints from surfaces and natural objects to add further interest and texture to your work. Beginners welcome. 

Collagraph – 2+ days 17th and 24th Feb 2018 £156

Collagraph is an exciting technique where textured papers and materials are glued to a backing board to make a plate and produce rich, expressive and highly textural prints. You will make you own collagraph plates, learning how to translate your design into a textural collage. While printing you will also have the chance to explore a variety of inking techniques to add further depth and colour to your work. Beginners welcome. 

Drypoint and Chiné Colle – 2 day 17th and 18th Mar 2018 £156

A two day course introducing drypoint printmaking allowing you to make an editionable print using a plastic plate. This distinctive technique gives a rich, soft line owing to the processes signature ‘bur’. On this course you will be taught the process step by step working from your own drawn or photographic image through making the plate and printing your own unique artwork. With the edition of selective wiping and chiné colle techniques, where tissue and thin paper is added to the service of your print, you will also be shown how to add texture, tone, colour and mood to individualise your piece. 

Beginners welcome. 

Paper Lithography and Kitchen Lithography weekend 14th and 15th April 2018 £156 

This non-traditional print process allows you to pull a print from any photocopied image. Learn how to create a print from a collage, a drawing, painting or photograph. As long as it can be photocopied you can turn it into a print using this technique! Can be layered with watercolour to produce a great range of effects. 

Beginners welcome. 

Kitchen Lithography- Using aluminium foil and fizzy cola you will learn how to pull a print from these items found in your kitchen cupboard! Using a range of oil based media we will create images on the foil that can then be printed with this quick and safe technique. 

Beginners welcome. 

Lino Etch – 2+ days 12th and 19th May 2018 £156

Lino Etch will give you a new and exciting way to use Lino. Using a combination of caustic soda and stop out varnish you will ‘bite’ your own lino etch plate and learn how to pull prints using both intaglio and relief processes as well as offering you the chance to try this new process in combination with the more traditional lino cut technique. 

Beginners welcome. 

Combination Printing - 2 days £156

Combination printing will allow you to build on your previous printmaking experience to begin to layer various techniques and create intricate and layered prints. You will be shown how to combine both relief and intaglio processes inclusive of monoprinting, collagraph and paper lithography techniques. 

Some experience preferred but beginners very welcome.